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    Voluntary Solutions Adds 501(c)(4) Incorporation to Services

    We are excited to announce that we've added a new service to our offerings! We are now doing 501(c)(4) incorporation.Our 501(c)(4) Incorporation package fee is $400. 501(c)(4) organizations are tax exempt, but are primarily formed in order to engage in substantial lobbying activities. However, there are still guidelines on how much political activity can take place. Learn more about the different between 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations.Organizations that fall under the 501(c)(4) ...  Read More...

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    Government Grants - Don't Overlook These Opportunities

    As reported in our last blog, the largest four areas of giving by philanthropists, individuals, and corporations expect to continue or increase for 2017-2018 will be in health care, education, and social causes. Government giving follows similar trends.As your nonprofit organization seeks funding from private sources, don't forget opportunities that you may find via the Federal Government. Some government grants are quite large.   Read More...

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    Meeting the Needs of Nonprofits, An Outlook for 2017 - 2018

    Nonprofit organizations worldwide depend on Philanthropic activity. Donor revenue to charities translates to about 2 TRILLION annually or 5.4% of the U.S. GDP, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. The Urban Institute reports that staff and wages in the nonprofit sector experienced more growth than the public sector within the last ten years, however, charities report that societal demands are greater than the support that they receive. This month the Indiana University Lilly Fam...  Read More...

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    Be Aware of Nonprofit State Regulations

    Registration of a nonprofit doesn't end within the state in which the nonprofit resides. States' regulations over the nonprofit sector is becoming increasingly stringent and reporting requirements bind nonprofits to administrative activity and bureaucracy that may be unexpected. There are, however, tools and information to help with this process, which we've provided below.   Read More...

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    501(c)3 VS 501(c)4 - What is the Difference?

    501(c) Non-Profit OrgsThere are 29 different 501(c) non-profit organizations exempt from Federal Income Tax, and sometimes state and local taxes. 501(c) non-profit organizations may receive unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, and unions. The following outlines the difference between a 501(c)3 and a 501(c)4 organization so that you may ensure that you select the proper class for your organization's specific needs. 501(c)3Voluntary Solutions deals with primarily ...  Read More...

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    How to Get 10K in FREE Google Adwords for Nonprofit Organizations.

    Could Your Nonprofit Organization Use $10,000 Worth of Free Advertising Per Month?If your non-profit organization is just getting started and has a limited budget, or none at all, Google Ad Grants may be the answer to help get your cause off the ground. Google Ad Grants is a grant donation program to nonprofit organizations that offers $10,000 per month of FREE in-kind advertising using their AdWords search engine marketing platform. The ads are text-based only and keyword-targeted, with a ...  Read More...

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    Voluntary Solutions Teams Up With PublicSquare

    Voluntary Solutions is a proud sponsor of PublicSquare ( http://www.publicsquare.net/), a nonprofit webcast content provider that offers programs broadcast on public access television stations and live over the Internet, including its flagship program, "The Square Circle," a half-hour-long moderated debate on current with three expert guests that is broadcast live on Arlington Public Media ( https://www.arlingtonmedia.org/) on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm ET. Here's our very first sponsorship com...  Read More...

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    Unprecedented: IRS Asking For Less Money

    As of July 1, 2016, the cost of filing a 501c3 application has dropped by over $100. The newly established price of $275 may very well represent the first ever change of this sort in the agency's 154 year history. Those seeking to establish non-profit organizations now have a less expensive path to effecting change in their communities.   Read More...

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    Tax-Exempt Status to Become More Accessible

     According to the IRS-run website, Pay.gov, the application fee for filing form 1023 is to drop (effective July 1, 2016) from $400 to $275. IRS form 1023 is paramount to any organization who seeks recognition as a non-profit organization in order to be classified as tax-exempt. While the new application fee is still quite hefty, hopefully it will be far less distressing to new organizations with modest means. For more information, contact us at info@voluntarysolutionsdc.com or visit ou...  Read More...

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    Overtime Pay an Inhibitor to New Growth

      While the idea behind stronger overtime pay regulations seems to be moral and just, Zachary Slayback of the Mises Institute fears that these regulations will only hurt those they are meant to help. Small organizations - including non-profits - with rather limited means will suffer at the hands of well-meaning politicians and their constituents. He makes a strong case for greater concern in the non-profit community. Read the full article by Zachary Slayback at mises.org &nbs...  Read More...

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